How Do I Find A Good Roofing Company? In this video, you are going to find out how you can find the best roofing contractors for your home or business.

Video Transcript: We’re going to talk about how you can find a good roofing company. Hi, my name’s Nicole and I’m the owner of RoofCrafters roofing. We currently service South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. We’ve been in business since 2008 and we have serviced thousands of roofs over the years and we do all types of roofing, commercial, residential. There’s not a roofing system out there that we cannot do. So, in order to find a good roof and contractor, you need to verify that roofing contractor has proper business license and proper insurance. You just can’t assume that everybody has a business license. You want to verify that that contractor has the proper license to be on your property. I think the number one thing that I would tell somebody finding a good roofing company, is background and history, how long that roofing company number one has been around, what they can and can’t do. Some things they can do, some things they can’t do. You want to be able to understand that if you’re looking for a roofing contractor, I think number three would be references.

Being able to actually look at some of the things that Roofer or that roofing contractor has done in the past, not just what he says he’s done, but actually what he has put his hands on or what that company has put their hands on. It has actually achieved and actually has done in the past. I would say look no further than Google or the Better Business Bureau.

For those of us who may be are more interested in what a company’s history sounds like. Finding a good roofer and finding one that’s insured, highly rated amongst your peers, other homeowners would be my best bet. And this is coming from someone that loves Google. So I Google everything, reviews, I use them when I’m looking for, for anything. Uh, any kind of restaurant, store. I look at any company’s reviews and I think that will paint the picture of what type of company it is. No one’s perfect and mistakes happen and you may see a couple of unhappy customers, but you want to see that the majority of the customers are happy. And even the ones that maybe were not happy in the beginning were made happy later and that says more to me than anything.

So I would say definitely look up, uh, either Google or even Better Business Bureau. It’s pretty standard and most clients are educated nowadays that you want to make sure that they’re licensed and insured, absolutely. Obviously someone who’s reliable, someone who says that they’re going to be there at a certain time, they show up at that certain time, someone who’s honest. If you want to get down to the technicals, obviously someone who’s licensed, insured, First of all, you’re gonna search for more than one. You don’t just go with one roofing company, get your estimates from three roofing companies and then, you see whether they gonna offer you a price based on the quality, based on doing the work or rather you’re looking for a price, then you may not find a good roofing company, but if you’re looking for someone that’s going to give you quality work and stand behind their work and knowing that they are longevity, they are going to be there.

And then that’s the type of roofing company I would want. Not someone that’s going to come in and just do the roof and then they no longer exist. The next thing and finding a roofing contractor near you is, number one, not to hire door knockers. If somebody coming knocking on your door, those are storm chasers and they’re not going to be local and you’re not going to want somebody intruded into your house. The other thing is if a contractor is asking you for money up front, that would be something I would recommend you avoiding because if the contractor needs money from you to do your job, that means he doesn’t have enough money to do the job and you probably don’t want that contract or at your house working anyways because if something goes wrong, how is he going to fix it? There’s been a lot of scam people like taking people’s deposits, companies not strong enough to do your job. That would be something that would be very wary of, putting money up front. You got a rock bottom price from a contractor. That should not really be something you get excited about. It should make you worry.

They’re probably not carrying the proper licenses that they need an insurance. Verify those things, but do a little homework. Get online and see what kind of reviews they have. Just to search online. Google search for local. My wife had her previous house done with another company when we lived in Richmond Hill and they were actually the first people we looked at, but once we got more quotes. Just love the professionalism and the thoroughness of RoofCrafters.

It really impressed us. One of the ways is the yellow pages. Another way is Google. You go on there and you get them all coming up. That’s what I initially did and that’s how I found RoofCrafters. I saw their website. They had a very nice website as well as some others, but personally, meeting with the people from the company, I just had this gut feeling they are the ones that go with, if you need help now, click the link below or call the number in the description to schedule an inspection immediately. .

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