You’ve probably heard all the horror stories: contractors that balloon quotes, projects slow to complete, down payment requirements or projects that disappear altogether. It may feel like you’re surrounded by nothing but disreputable contractors.

Video Transcript: My name is Brian I’m with West roofing systems i’ve been here for over 35 years. I’m here today to share four signs of bad Roofing Contractors for you so that you know how to evaluate a contractor. When you’re vetting out a contractor one of the first things you should look for is a good reference list if the contractor doesn’t have any kind of portfolio or references you’re relying on. What he’s telling you I think the best way to find this information is to talk to a reference especially if it’s if you can be specific as far as from if you are a school facility ask for school references. Talk to them see how the people operate with their background checks and different things that they may need definitely recommend that you ask for any type of insurance certificates they’re readily available for a good contractor.

 If there’s a leak inside the building during the whole process the building owner could get stuck. With that bill they should be able to get a certificate of insurance limited liability specific to your company or your building that’s something that’s very important to be able to get. And also licensing definitely be license on the state level but then also down to the municipality level that definitely shows a sign of a good contractor. They’re staying up with all of their requirements that are needed in regards to the payments. I’d be very hesitant to make a payment upfront with a contractor just because if there’s no value if you’re not getting any materials or anything like that. You got to be very cautious a reputable contractor is going to offer you at least 30 to 60 days to be able to make a payment.

 Sometime on larger projects they will require to be paid material show up on site and even asking for payment up front before they start the project. Here at Westar iffing we do not ask for that we just we try to get the projects done and then we ask for our payment. When we’re completed in regards to sales tactics say high-pressure sales we’re not selling cars here but we’re selling roofs. It’s not like we expect you to make a decision right. Right there now while we’re sitting in front of you at your desk. I mean this is a decision it’s a long-term decision you need to be able to think about this you don’t want a salesperson pressuring you saying that you know. I need your decision today just take your time you don’t need to be high pressured into making a decision on your new growth. You need a contractor that’s big enough to perform but yet we still have those small caring about it. Every facility doesn’t matter how small the project is we’re still going to care and take care of them. Just like it’s working for your grandmother I want to make sure that you make the right decision and hire the right contractor the first time. Visit our website at west roofing systems and read our full article and download your own interactive commercial roofing contractor. Checklist to accurately compare quotes side by side and make the right decision for your facility



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